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Chronic Lyme Disease "To Do" List

Most of us like to lead orderly lives. If something is wrong, we try to fix it, get over it, and be done.

When a person has chronic lyme disease symptoms, though, it can be difficult to even receive a diagnosis. Frustrating? ...definitely.

Compounding this frustration is the wide variety of symptoms chronic lyme disease can evoke. People have trouble linking symptoms that run from head to toe. Such as:

  • loss of energy
  • pain and swelling of the joints
  • sleep disturbance
  • decreased ability to focus or short-term memory loss
  • body aches
  • heartbeat irregularities


1. Review the symptoms you are experiencing - 
    Are you more tired? Do you plan fewer outings?
    Do you take more OTC pain relievers?
    Are you sleeping less?
    Do you lose things (keys, glasses, etc.) more often?
    Is it difficult to remember names?
    Has your work been affected? Do you miss deadlines?    
    Has your family commented on any differences?   

2. Write your symptoms down along with how long they have been experienced.

3. Gather all recent medical records. 

4. Determine your level of commitment - Are you ready for the testing required to compile your individualized treament plan?
Complete this sentence on a scale of 1-10 (low to high)


If your level is less than 7, then you may not be ready to proceed with the next steps.

5. Call and speak with us at Lanzisera Center. Understand that your first visit will last 1 hour to 1 hour and 30 minutes. We do not overbook our patients. Because this time is specifically reserved for you, we ask the consultation fee of $125 be paid at the time the visit is arranged. This fee does not include any necessary labs. It does include your second report of findings visit.

6. During the second visit, Dr Lanzisera will inform you if he has accepted your case. If so, he will give you his best treatment plan options.


Call 813 253-2333

Having a doctor who first listens, ​really listens, is the first step to recovery.

Each person with chronic Lyme disease has their own unique set of hurdles to overcome.

Addressing each of these health factors with an individualized plan may bring the relief you've been seeking.

Have you decided "nothing can help"?

How much longer do I want to feel this way?

The feeling of hopelessness is understandable when a condition just seems to never go away...
but you have made it this far on this site, Right?

Maybe there is a reason to feel hopeful again
If given a choice, would you rather continue to suffer with chronic lyme disease symptoms or begin the process of regaining your health?